Thousands sign petition to teach aboriginal history class in Australia

A petition calling the Australian Government and its Department of Education to implement Aboriginal history class into primary and secondary education has been signed by over 47,100 people. 


Created a week ago by Musician, Isaiah Firebrace, the petition has received considerable support and enthusiasm from parents, students and teachers. 

Isaiah Firebrace – who grew up in Victorian Echuca-Moama and stormed into the top 10 at 2017’s Eurovision contest – started the petition to the Australian government last week, reported The Standard.  

“I’ve got such a passion for Indigenous youth, and education. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to see more Aboriginal studies in schools,” he said to The Standard. 


“I am Indigenous, and I went to 14 different schools as a child. Not once can I recall learning about the history of my people. It is only now at 26 years old, that I am learning our true history.” Said Toneya Kennedy 

“I wasn’t taught enough about indigenous history at school and still my children aren’t being taught enough. I want future generations to enjoy the benefit of learning about these things.” Added Rebeca March, one of the thousand supporters this campaign have gained in the last seven days. 

To see or sign the petition click here. 

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