Brazil to prioritize indigenous, elderly and health workers for COVID-19 vaccine

Brasilia. – Indigenous people, health workers and those aged 75 years and older will be at the front of the line to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Brazil’s Health Ministry, Eduardo Pazuello said as it unveiled a four-stage preliminary plan for national immunization.

People aged 60 to 74 will be vaccinated in the second stage, and those with prior health conditions such as heart or kidney disease would be covered in a third stage.

The ministry said in a statement on Friday that Brazil will buy more than 100 million vaccines from Butantan laboratory. 

Brazil has registered nearly 8 million cases of the novel coronavirus since the pandemic began, while the official death toll has risen past 173,000 — the world’s third-biggest outbreak after the United States and India.

The Health Ministry on Tuesday reported 50,909 additional confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the highest daily case number since early September, along with 697 new COVID-19 deaths.

The country’s state governors and opposition politicians have been pressing the government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro to draw up a national immunization plan.

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