Three aboriginal people died in custody across Australia this month

INW. – An aboriginal male died in custody at Ravehall Correctional Centre on March 7. The man is the third Aboriginal person who has died in custody in Australia this month.

“As the prisoner was an Aboriginal man, the Aboriginal Justice Caucus was advised on the day and we continue to work closely with them and the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria.” Corrections Victoria said in a statement. 

Photo by Donald Tong on

“The family of the man were notified with our condolences, and a Smoking Ceremony is being arranged. 

“We recognise that all deaths in custody have impacts on family members, friends, corrections staff and the Aboriginal community, and we’re working to ensure they are provided with the support they need.” Added Corrections Victoria. 

Two weeks ago, two Indigenous Australians died in custody in Sydney, but their deaths were only revealed on Tuesday, reported local media. 

According to ABC News, an aboriginal woman, 44, died in an apparent suicide in Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre on Friday 5. 

An aboriginal man, 35, died in a jail cell at Long Bay Hospital on March 2, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody found that more than  400 Indigenous people have died in custody since 1991. 

It also found that Aboriginal Australians were far more likely than non-Aboriginal people to be arrested and imprisoned. 

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