Francisca, the first Indigenous woman representing Malaysia at Miss Universe

Francisca Luhong James is the first indigenous woman to hold the title of Miss Universe Malaysia. 

The part-time model and former public relations and marketing executive was crowed last September, and she will represent Malaysia on Sunday, May, 16 at the 69th edition of Miss Universe in Florida, USA.

Francisca Luhong. Photo: Miss Universe

The 25 years and Kayan-Kenyah-Iban holds a first class honors degree in mass communications and majored in public relations. 

According to Miss Universe organisation. Francisca has been involved in many charities over the years and volunteered for the Paint The World charity concert to raise money for children with special needs. 

Francisca also worked with the Global Peace Foundation to gather food for indigenous people of Malaysia. 

As Miss Universe Malaysia, she’s started the foundation Beyond Aid to raise money for refugees and underprivileged children. 

In a recent introduction video for the beauty competition, she said “A lot of indigenous peoples can make a huge contribution for Malaysia, but we are too afraid to get out.” 

“We just feel like we are a minority group. It’s important for me to do this; because it has opened a lot of eyes to other indigenous groups and minority groups than we can also contribute to the world and country”. Added the beauty queen. 

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