Social Organizations launch appeal for Indigenous Mapuche leader 

Amnesty International, former recipients of an environmental award and the lawyer of Alberto Curamil, an indigenous Mapuche leader have launched an appeal for Curamil’s safety after he was injured in a shooting by Chilean police in La Araucania.

On Thursday, 29 April, Curamil was left with 18 riot shotgun pellets embedded in his body after police chased his truck and opened fire after a protest against an arson attack on a Mapuche home on contested land in southern Chile, reported El Desconcierto.Cl

Alberto Curamil. (Photo: Goldman Environmental Prize)

In 2019 Curamil won the Goldman Environmental Prize (GEP), also known as the “green Nobel”. 

Curamil told El Desconcierto “The police threw tear gas into my truck. I get out to escape the suffocation and as soon I put one foot on the ground, I feel one shot in my legs. A shotgun to my legs. In few seconds, I felt another shot in my body, near my chest and arm”. 

Craig Williams and Alfred Brownell, former winners of the GEP are writing to the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, and the South American country’s US ambassador, Alfonso Silva Navarro, to push for further investigation into the shooting.

Amnesty International will contact the Chilean justice department to seek answers to questions about the attack and the burning of the home of Mapuche community spokesperson Elena Paine, which sparked the protest where Curamil was injured. Reported The Guardian

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