Indigenous Mixe woman wins International Award 

Opera singer, Xaam Kiixy / Courtesy: Xaam Kiixy

 Xaam Kiixy Ëëpe o María Reyna González López, 30 years, an indigenous Mixe woman and opera singer was awarded last weekend with the Gaviota (Seagull) Prize for her career and contribution to the Mexican art industry. 

Xann Kiixy has been singing since she was eight but with a unique style. She does in six different indigenous languages spoken around Mexico and Spanish.

In 2019, she launched her latest musical production “Orgullosa soy Raíz” which includes popular Mexican songs such as “La Llorona” but in her local language, Mixe. 

During a recent interview, Xan said to INW: “We must be proud of our ancestors, traditional clothing and native languages.” 

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