Peruvian Authority confirms murder of Ashaninka leader and anti logging activist

Indigenous leader and anti logging activist

(8/9/14). – A Peruvian official of the Department of Culture has confirmed to Indigenous News of the World the murder of the Ashaninka leader and anti logging activist Edwin Chota and three other men.

The source, who prefers to remain anonymous said ‘The information about what happened at the moment is not very clear’.

Illegal loggers are being blamed for the murder of four men, near the Peruvian border with Brazil.

El Comercio’ newspaper said the other men were identified by a police official in Pucallpa, the regional capital, as Jorge Rios, who was Chota’s deputy, Francisco Pinedo and Leoncio Quincicima.

Henderson Rengifo, a leader with Peru’s largest indigenous federation, Aidesep, called on the Peruvian state to do more to protect indigenous people from criminal mafias.

“There’s so much corruption in the regional governments that these logging mafias can kill our brothers with impunity,” he told the Guardian.

In 2013, Chota, called on the Peruvian authorities to guarantee his safety after receiving alleged death threats from irate loggers.

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