REFACOF “Women are facing the same challenges “

In 2014, Indigenous News of the World Interviewed Cécile NDJEBET, President of the African Women’s Network For Community Management of Forests (REFACOF).

NDJEBET says “indigenous women, rural women have to fight for their rights, because they are supporting the economy of their countries.”

Cécile has a Master’s degree in Social Forestry from the Wageningen Agricultural University in The Netherlands. Cécile is a highly experienced Development Agent who mainly devoted her work on mainstreaming gender into development: training, advocacy, scoping, planning and evaluation. Cécile has been a Trainer of Trainers for more than 15 years. She is also the National Coordinator of a national NGO in Cameroon and the President of a women’s network composed of 14 African country members engaged in forestry , REFACOF.

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