Indigenous Colombians rally in Bogotá

After travelling more than 600 kilometres for five days, thousands of Guambianos, Paeces, Totoróes, Nasas, Yanaconas, Coconucos and Ingas people arrived in the Colombian capital Bogota, reported El Tiempo newspaper. 

They have rallied at the end of a long protest march against an increase in violence in their territories.

“We demand guarantees for life, the right to land and that they comply with the peace agreements with the FARC rebels,” said Hermes Pete, senior adviser to the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca.

More than 6,000 indigenous travelled first from the Cauca region to Cali, where they had hoped to meet President Ivan Duque, last week. 

When the meeting did not happen, they went to Bogota. During their trip they have been joined by social organisations and Afro-Colombians. 

Outside the Presidential Palace, they demanded talks with President Iván Duque, but he has refused to meet them. 

“We have a President, who does not listen his people, and if he does not listen to us, we are going to call for Duque impeachment” Feliciano Valencia, Member of Parlament for the Nasa People said to EFE. 

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