Footage shows Australian Police Officer assaulting Aboriginal man in police station

(22/10/2020) ABC TV station showed last night footage of the assaults, captured from multiple angles. 

Body camera footage captured Senior Constable Jeames Iain Murray shoving Indigenous man Patrick Little, then 18, into a wall in January 2019. 

The footage then appears to show Murray propelling him into a wall, placing him in a headlock and then throwing him into a custody cell door.

Murray was found guilty of two counts of common assault at Goulburn Local Court, in the NSW Southern Tablelands, on Tuesday and fined a total of $3,500, ABC News reported. 

Mr Little was fighting with his cousin outside a Goulburn club on January 12, 2019 when Murray and another officer arrived. 

The court heard Mr Little was initially aggressive towards the officers but co-operated after he was placed in the back of a police wagon.

Murray was charged in October 2019 and remains a serving police officer at Goulburn Police Station, the Australian TV station informed.

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